I've finally got around to releasing version 1.0.0 of the JSONX JavaScript library as well as its associated jQuery plugin.

The library and plugin both allow simple transformation between XML and JSON and viceversa.

This is the first release so there is definitely room for improvement and I'm sure through testing and common usage some bugs will be revealed but please give them a try now so they can mature in to something great.

I've just released version 1.0.1 of qr.js! This update only contains a single (but hopefully welcomed) change that allows users to specify custom background and foreground colours to be used while rendering the QR code.


  • Allow customisation of colours used when rendering
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Template is now here! This is a relatively small release again and it includes changes that were aimed at but the bug annoyed me so I'm releasing it early.


  • #33: Ignore keyboard shortcuts for disabled templates for validation and lookup
  • Minor spelling correction
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This is my first post on what is hopefully my final attempt at a central website for me. Here I will post my thoughts on pretty much anything, from movie reviews to programming hints & tips. I will also be hosting information on my many ongoing projects here so be sure to check-in for the latest updates.

However, as you can probably tell, this site is nowhere near complete but I'll be doing that as I go. Missing content will be filled, cosmetic touch ups (and some overhauls) as well as restructuring changes. Once all that's done I should have a nice wee place on the internet to share my ramblings outside of facebook, twitter and Google+.

I hope you like it and enjoy the content I promise to bring.