jsonp.js is a library that provides simple JSONP support for JavaScript.


Send the parameters to the provided URL and then handle the response with a function which is called under a specific context.

JSONP.get(url[, data][, callback][, context])


The behaviour of jsonp.js can easily be configured further to suit your needs or that of the web service you're calling.

JSONP.callbackName = 'callback'

Change the name of the callback parameter declaring the name of the callback function.

JSONP.timeout = 0

The number of milliseconds before a request times out. Requests won't timeout if the value is below 1.


The jsonp.js API exposes some properties and methods which may only be useful to users in special cases.


Relinquish jsonp.js' control of the JSONP global variable. If another library uses this variable calling this method will reassign it back to that library.


The current version of jsonp.js.


If you have any problems with this library or would like to see the changes currently in development browse our issues.


Take a look at the documentation to get a better understanding of what the code is doing.

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