jQuery Console is a plugin for jQuery that simulates a console/terminal environment within the browser.

I originally created the plugin to be used as part of my old GitHub page but then realised it had more appeal and potential after working on it so long. Eventually I decided to tidy it up and release individually as a jQuery plugin.

Once I have documented and tidied the code as well as finalising the API I will make a full release of the plugin and publish it on the jQuery plugins directory. I hope to get this done soon but in the meantime you can hopefully get a good understanding of how to use it by looking at the code.

Due to the complexity I would like to take my time and write some good documentation and examples of its usage before the first release to help avoid initial confusion.


If you have any problems with this library or would like to see the changes currently in development browse our issues.


Take a look at the documentation to get a better understanding of what the code is doing.

If that doesn't help, feel free to follow me on Twitter, @neocotic.