Hi, I'm Alasdair Mercer from Dunfermline, Scotland. However, you may know me as "neocotic" if you've seen me online.

I'm currently working as a Senior Software Development Engineer for SecureWorks and have been since 2012. Before that I worked at RBS for over 4 years as a Java Web Developer. Although my day job allows me to work on extremely large projects with some exceptional people I get much more excited working on my personal development projects when I get any spare time, as I'm able to be much more creative and experimental. The main purpose for is to post about my interests as well as what I've discovered during development.

I'm also a huge game enthusiast and can be found primarily on Xbox Live and Steam but I play a lot of PC games as well. Although I tend to play all genres I am a total sucker for a good RPG or FPS.

Movies (good and bad) are also a big part of my life and have always been something that I'm very passionate about. Even though it was released back in 1999, my first love has to have been The Matrix as I must have watched it each day for months after first buying it (don't even talk to me about the sequels though).


This name was first used as my alias on Xbox Live back in 2002 and it's a simple combination of neo and narcotic which resembled my addiction to The Matrix and it just sort of stuck.