It's been quite a while since I first released Template 2 years ago but with it now out of beta it has become an extremely stable and feature-rich browser extension.

There's a lot of work in the pipeline, but I'm not letting that deter me from releasing minor updates like this. Here's a brief overview of some of the features coming this year:

  • Interactive editor for writing templates
  • A brand-spanking new homepage at
  • Ability to share and download templates created by other users
  • Social network integration

Meanwhile the changes included in version 1.2.0 cover a lot of ground and keep the extension up-to-date and fresh with a completely redesigned Templates tab on the Options page which makes managing your templates a piece of well-iced cake.


  • #110: Replace calls to deprecated chrome API methods
  • #111: Update Bootstrap to v2.2.2
  • #115: Add new operations for query selectors
  • #116: Redesign Templates tab on Options page
  • #117: Improve build process and restructure code to simplify support for other browsers
  • #120: Update jQuery to v1.8.3
  • #120: Update jQuery URL Parser to v2.2.1
  • #120: Update to v2.0.1
  • #130: Add new configuration file to simplify future changes
  • Plenty of bug fixes and UI tweaks
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