Since I created my first Google Chrome extension, Template (then URL Copy), I have struggled to keep my user base over 200 users. Some weeks it would be just over the mark and then drop anywhere from 50 to 100 users, and the cycle would start all over again.

However, since the recent update for the Chrome Web Store I've seen a steady increase in users and I'm really glad to say that Template has crossed the 1,000 user mark (1,011 when publishing this post). Hurray! After all of the effort I've put in to it it's amazing to finally see it reaching people.

I'm not sure what exactly increased its visibility and/or attractiveness but Google have definitely done something right. Maybe it was the fact that I adopted the new promotional and supporting image specifications early. Maybe it was the fancy unicode characters I added to the description. Or maybe it just got noticed. The truth is I'll never know, but I just hope it continues.

Unfortunately, I can't really say the same for my second extension, iOrder, as it seems to be stuck around 15 users. However, I'm not too frustrated by this as it was a little experiment and tool mainly for my own use that I thought I'd share. It's just a shame I didn't finish it before the iPhone release date.

Overall, the web store's new look is great for users and developers alike. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to contribute to one of my most used extensions, My Extensions. Any Chrome extension developers out there should definitely use this extension by George Papadakis to keep track of their user base.