I've decided to release a small update for Template today. Version includes some minor changes but mainly a redesign of the icons used.

Google recently contacted all extension developers saying that icons, screenshots and promotional images must meet their new criteria to be promoted on their Chrome Web Store so I thought I better update my images since I'm struggling to keep it above 200 users at the moment. Honestly, I didn't like the previous logo but I'm not exactly 100% sure about the new one except when I used it in the promotional images.

I think I'll find another logo to use in the extension itself as it doesn't look great in the toolbar... Expect a update within the week ;)

Unfortunately, is still a bit away as I am currently working on some new projects I've had ideas for and it will take a lot of effort to do right. I am hoping to have it completed before 2012 though as I want to have the final release (1.0.0) done before the extension is a year old.


  • Rebrand logo and create new promotional images
  • #36: Improve URL derivation when using the context menu
  • Update jQuery to v1.6.4
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